How to make feet soft & smooth | Best tips ever!!!

How to make feet soft
Our hands and feet are the most useful part of our body. Most of the pressure on the skin is on our hands and feet. Every day we travel in intense sunlight, applying soap for harmful soap to the skin, or any other contaminated chemical coming into contact with our hands and feet, and our hands and feet become dry. But hardly we know how to make feet soft & smooth.
Every day we travel in intense sunlight, applying soap for harmful soap to the skin, or any other contaminated chemical coming into contact with our hands and feet, and our hands and feet become dry. I am writing this report today to protect myself from dry skin. So let us know that there are some special ways to soften dry hands and feet in the domestic system.The foot is the part of our body that controls the weight of the body. Moving ahead of us, walking is all about helping the feet. This is one of the most important parts of the human body. This is why it is important to take care of the feet. As a result, the outer dust is more and less constantly corrupted by dirt. It is not always possible to take care of yourself. But foot care is very important.In sunlight, the skin of our feet becomes dull and rough and loses its beauty. In a recent report in a magazine about women, some of the ways of regular foot care are mentioned. Following the procedures can keep the foot twins nice during the hot and rainy season.

1. Scrubbing:

It is important to scrub the foot at least once a week. It cleanses the skin from deep. Dead skin rises. Peppermint-rich scrubs are great for the feet. It also relieves fatigue. Those whose feet are too dry can use salted scrubbers. Different brands of hand and foot scrubs are available in the market. From there, scrubs can be chosen to fit the skin. It is also possible to use home-made scrubs again.

2. Moisturizer to soften the feet:

Many people think that keeping wet helps keep the feet soft. However, moisturizer-rich scrubs will be softened by applying a wet scrub to the foot and rubbing it with a wet towel.Though the other parts of our body are covered but most of the time the legs are open. As a result, the outer dust is more and less constantly corrupted by dirt. o the skin of the feet becomes more rough and dry. So it is necessary to take a moisturizer to take care.A good moisturizer can be applied 2 to 3 times a day after washing the feet well. After bathing, it is best to apply a moisturizer once before coming out of the room and before going to sleep at night. The legs will be soft and smooth as well as look beautiful.

3. Vaseline:

Applying Vaseline to dry skin makes our dry hands and feet soft and smooth. We need to apply a thick layer of Vaseline in our hands and feet every night before going to bed every night. After that, gloves and foot socks should be worn in the hands so that moisture reaches the inside of our skin. Those socks and gloves should fall asleep soon after. Some days, following this method, our dry hands and feet will become soft.

3. Pumice stone to rub the feet:

Before bathing, we need to rub dry hands and feet every day with a disturbance stone so that the old and dead cells are wiped out. To remove dead skin of the ankle, you can use a specially made pumice stone for rubbing the feet during bath. Rubbing wet feet once daily will reduce the roughness of the feet. Old and dying cells make our skin dry so it is important to follow this procedure before applying anything. This procedure will be done only 2-3 times a week and our dry hands and feet will become soft.

4. Oil and sugar mixture:

All the time, there are several bumps on the feet. So at the end of the day the feet need rest. Feet need rest as well as nutrition. Do foot massage. It is not possible to fast. But try massaging it 2 times a week. Heat the oil lightly and massage the feet well. As a result, the feet will be taken care of with ease.One teaspoon of oil and 2 tablespoons sugar should be mixed well to make a mixture. Oil is most effective when it is coconut oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. This mixture should be massaged with dry hands and feet for quite some time. Wash hands and feet after rubbing for 2-3 minutes. Follow this procedure every day. By applying this mixture for a while, we can easily get soft hands and feet.

5. Honey:

Honey is a natural moisturizer. This honey is very effective in softening dry hands and feet. Honey pours moisture into our skin. To get the sweet fruit, we have to massage the honey in our hands and feet. Massaging the glycerin with honey or lemon with honey will help the mixture more.After the massage, you should wait for 10-15 minutes then rinse hands and feet with warm-hot water. If you follow the same procedure twice every day, you can get very soft and smooth skin very quickly.

6. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has the ability to moisturize. Very quickly and easily the Aloe Vera softens our dry hands. In order to get the fruits of the Aloe Vera virgin, one has to cut off the fruit and take the jelly. We need to massage this gel into our hands and feet. out of it. We need to massage this gel into our hands and feet. After the massage, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. By following this procedure 2-3 times a day, we can get rid of dry hands and feet very quickly.

7. Ankle care:

After all, the most pressure is on the ankle. So the ankle becomes stiff and becomes dry. Therefore, a special moisturizer should be used for the toes. If you apply lotion, body butter or oil on the ankle immediately after bath, the ankle will be soft.

8. Sunscreen for the feet:

Before leaving the house, most of us apply sunscreen on the face and hands, but many do not remember to apply sunscreen on the feet. Or the importance of sunscreen on the legs is not important to many. But the foot burns more in the sun. So sunscreen should be applied for 20 minutes before leaving to protect the toes from the sun.

9. Good Food for the feet:

There are some foods that can cause the swelling of the legs and water in the legs. High-salt foods are responsible for this. Too much sugar is bad for the feet. Therefore, you should refrain from eating salty packet foods.

10. Manicures and pedicures:

Many people like to paint nails. However, the nail polish is made of chemicals. So if once the nail polish is picked up, it should be paused for a few days and then applied again. It will allow the nails to breathe and will be fine.
11. In-home care:
There are words that if the body is healthy from the inside, then its flashes are exposed. It is very important that the body is properly wealthy inside. It may not be possible to use different tips daily, but following a few things, it is possible to take care of the body. Such measurements require regular watering for the body.The body needs adequate supply of water to keep the body fresh. Water runs all the part of the body properly. The water content keeps the skin refreshed and provides moisture from the inside. As a result, the skin glows from the outside. As a result, the legs look nice, soft and smooth.
12. Keep your feet clean:
It is important to always keep the feet clean. Do not allow dirt to accumulate in the legs. The feet should be washed thoroughly from the outside. Occasionally, with a little shampoo in the mild heat, soak your feet in it and sit for some time. Gently announce with good foot filler. The dirt will go out. If it can be done once a week by the rules, the shape of the feet will change. The legs will become beautiful. Who does not want beautiful legs.